Faith Zimmerman

Huntington Jewish Center

Faith Zimmerman is currently a freshman at Binghamton University, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Law. She is a member of the Schechter School of Long Island’s Class of 2020 after transferring there her junior year in order to advance her Jewish education. At Schechter, she participated in the school’s Mock Trial team, served as World News editor for the school newspaper, and became captain of the tennis team her senior year.

Faith lives in East Northport with her parents, Donna and Jeffrey, as well as with her Uncle Steven. She has always been an active member of HJC, beginning with her enrollment in the congregation’s preschool program and her attendance at the HJC Hebrew school, where she was awarded USCJ’s Keter Torah Certificate for high academic achievement upon graduation. She continues to attend Shabbat services, occasionally leading the Musaf service (although the recent pandemic has halted her participation).

Beginning in middle school, Faith participated in the shul’s Kadima program, leading her to become an active member of USY. In her sophomore year, Faith was elected as the SA/TO vice president of the synagogue’s chapter, taking on the responsibilities of creating and leading youth programming that focused on charitable giving and social action. In her junior and senior years, she served as President of the chapter. Although the in-person event was canceled due to Covid-19, Faith was also co-chair of USY’s Regional Convention, an annual Shabbaton held by USY’s metropolitan region.

Faith spent three summers traveling with USY on their USY on Wheels programs (Wheels East and Wheels Classic) and on their Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage. In the summer of 2019, Faith was employed by Ramah Day Camp at Nyack as a CIT, working with young children, and expanding their connection to the Jewish community. Faith continues to involve herself in Jewish life at Binghamton University in her participation in Hillel and Chabad. 

Faith would like to congratulate all her fellow honorees. She is humbled and grateful for having been selected for the honor of being named Youth of the Year by the HJC Men’s Club and thanks them for all the wonderful work they have done and continue to do for the community. Click here to support Faith Zimmerman with a journal ad in her honor.

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