Avital Aaron

Shelter Rock Jewish Center

Avital Aaron is on the board of the Beth-Rock Chapter of the USY and serves as Rel/Ed. Taking an active role in the religion in general and specifically USY is of great importance to Avital. She has developed a lifelong passion and devotion to the State of Israel and Judaism that began during a family trip to the Holy Land in 2008. Her education at the Schechter School of Long Island has taught her the importance of Ruach, Tzadakeh and Tikkun Olam, principles that she has applied to her studies and her daily life. Avital is fluent in Hebrew, which she used to great effect during a trip to Israel with her maternal grandmother Mama Bella last year. She caught the drama bug early, appearing in numerous plays and musicals at Schechter under the direction of Joan Cohen, including the recent musical triumph, Newsies. Avital is active in the A Cappella, Environmental Club, and Band at Schechter.

In her spare time, she loves to play music. Her interest in music started with violin lessons when she was three, and has expanded to include the piano, guitar, ukulele, electric bass, and mandolin. She is self-taught on the last four instruments. She also enjoys playing tennis, taking family trips, driving her older brother Eliran nuts, reading Torah, going to concerts, and reading science fiction.

Finally, Avital finds time for her busy course load at Schechter, where she is currently excelling in her studies. She hopes to use all of these experiences to make a difference in the world by being an active member in our community. Avital enjoys leadership, but chooses to lead by example, believing that telling people what to do is counterproductive. Her friends find her easy to talk to and non-judgmental, allowing her to exert soft influence on their lives and well-being.

Avital wants to thank the SRJC Men’s Club for this honor and congratulates all of the other honorees including our own Rabbinic Intern, Zevi Lowenberg. Support Avital Aaron by placing an ad in her honor.

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