I joined Men’s Club in the year 2007 and became an active member. Within a year or so I was put on the Executive Board and was active in Men’s Club activities. In a few years I was nominated co-Vice President of Rituals and organized Shabbat services lead by Men’s Club. In 2014 with the encouragement of some members I accepted the nomination of President and served from July 2014-June 2016. I continued after my term to be active on Executive Board running Baseball Raffle Pools, activities chairman etc. I also became the liaison to the FJMC and have attended various meetings since then. I have received twice the Henry Krausman award in my club for achievements within that given year. I am thankful to my current President Glen Lachow for picking me as Man of the Year for 2021-22. It is my belief that Men’s Club is very important arm of the Temple by putting on various functions and drawing members closer to Temple activities.

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