Hannah Slavsky 

Midway Jewish Center

Hannah Slavsky has been a part of the Midway Jewish Center community since she was in Kindergarten. She has lived in Plainview with her family (Mom, Tracy, Dad, Eric, and sister, Rebecca) for all of her 17 years! Hannah plays the clarinet and is in the high school marching band color guard. She attended the Young Judaea camps, Sprout Lake and Camp Tel Yehudah and went to Israel on Young Judaea’s Machon this past summer. She attended MJC Religious School, and was a member of Kadima and is currently a member of USY. Today Hannah holds a Young Judaea National Mazkirut (Board) position as the Administrative Vice President. Hannah volunteers at our religious school and note this year she is working one-on-one with a student, teaching the Hebrew language.

On Hannah’s first trip to Israel in December of 2016, she had the opportunity to visit a fire station in Jerusalem. She saw all of the old and outdated equipment firsthand. She came home from that trip more determined than ever to make a difference in our community and of course wanting to help change the world. Hannah has spearheaded a synagogue-wide campaign to raise funds to purchase a much needed fire truck for Israel’s Fire Brigade, bringing together all branches of the synagogue. She is so grateful to all who have supported this campaign and of course wants to thank those who recognize her hard work, dedication and commitment to Judaism. Support Hannah Slavsky by placing an ad in her honor.

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