FJMC Programs:

Learn about the programs FJMC and the temples of our region has to offer. This is what we are all about!

Affinity Groups

  • Presentations on Cooking, Jewish Genealogy, Sports, Yiddish, Financial Insights, Photography

Awards Programs

  • Learn how to be a Quality Club or a Quality Region. Earn Torch Awards for your club’s innovative programming

Beer and Bible

  • Discussion groups at the local watering hole


  • Craft projects for kids to make their own Tefillin

Building Shabbat Community

  • Meaningful alternative prayer services for the entire family

Shomrei Ha’Aretz – Stewards of the Land

God told Abraham to guard the world he was given. “If you destroy this world,” he was told, “there is no one to come and set it right after you.” (Kohelet Rabbah 7:28) This is the call the New York Metro Region clubs cannot ignore. The well-being and health of our children and grandchildren are on the line.

Hearing Men’s Voices

A unique program that engages Jewish men in Jewish life, enabling deeper connections and better relationships among our members

Trained leaders facilitate HMV sessions encouraging men to talk and engage in rich and meaningful dialogues about common issues using materials developed by the FJMC, themselves, and other clubs and leaders

Hebrew Literacy

These books and Hebrew Literacy classes taught over 200,000 adult Conservative and Reform Jews how to read the prayer book

Israel Affairs

We dedicate ourselves to assisting our membership in leading their communities in three (3) primary ways


  • Understanding Intermarriage

Leadership Development

  • Develop and improve your leadership skills
  • Promote leadership in your Men’s Club

Men’s Club Shabbat

  • Men’s Club Shabbat is an opportunity for Men’s Club members to lead the Shabbat service(s)
  • Engage your members as leaders
  • Expand their comfort level by asking men to do something they have not done before – like reading Torah or leading a Hebrew reading

Mindfulness Service

  • Tefilat HaNeshama / Prayer of the Soul a Guide to Leading Mindful, Embodied Davening

Minyan of Comfort

  • A joint project of the FJMC and the Cantors Assembly 
  • The project involves a lay training initiative to conduct Minyans during one’s time of need

Special Programs

  • Resources to local Men’s’ Clubs on social activities, group programs, ritual programming, public events and more

Succession Planning

  • Offering guidance to local Men’s Clubs on planning executive boards and avoiding being President for life

Virtual Celebrations

  • Training programs and videos on conducting religious services such as shabbat and holiday services in the new virtual world

Wellness initiative 

  • To increase awareness of health and wellness issues in our communities

World-Wide Wrap

  • Connecting Jews across generations, the continent, and the world

Yellow Candle and Holocaust Remembrance Program